Venue Renter

Rental Seminar/Class Room

Seminar/Trainer Rooms
Suitable for Corporate Training, Product Training and Small-Scale Seminars, Any types of Meeting, Workshop.

BPSTI also facilitate/Share Room for Voluntary Youth Organizations

Proceeding: Application with recommendations from 01(One) Social Worker/ DC/Word Commissioner   

Seating Capacity

1. Workshop : 32 Person/Hall Room Tk. 5000/- (Excluding VAT) with AC (8 Hours)*

2. Workshop/Events/Seminar/Corporate Meeting  : 15 Person/ Room Tk. 2500/- ( Excluding VAT) with AC (4 Hours)* 

Classroom : 22 person/Room ( Monthly Basic)

U-Shape : 16 person/Room (Monthly Basic)

Round Table: No

Unlimited WiFi
Presentation Tools : Multimedia Projector
24 Hour Ac (Conditions Apply)
Refreshments : On Order Basic

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