Mr. Apel Mahmud

Mr. Apel Mahmud
Mr. Apel Mahmud
Age 32
Gender Male
Organization Career Institute
Designation CEO

Trainer's Description


Educated and trained in Bangladesh, Mr. Apel Mahmud is widely recognized as the top trainer/facilitator on career consultant, author, CV/Resume developer & professional trainer in Bangladesh. With 7 years of training experience under his belt, he conducted his first corporate training session since a long time and since then facilitated over 50+ training sessions attended by more than five hundred people in the private, nonprofit and public sectors in Bangladesh. His major training concern areas are like; CV/resume developing cover letter developing, career designing, interviewing, communicating skills etc. In addition, he has conducted successfully training sessions in different private and non-private companies along with this he has unique diversified, motivational and training skills including client’s relation, human resources, recruiting, project management and administrative supporting of managers and executives in the high paced environment. In recognition of his significant contribution in the training field as a pioneer, he is continuously engaged to provide quality service for the young human resources of our country. Not only he is a successful trainer but also he has been actively engaging with writing various self-developing books and his recent book on cv writing got best selling award. Adept at managing multiple tasks simultaneously and readily assume increased responsibility to surpass Mr. Apel Mahmud is a man of vision and committed and motivated with demonstrated skills for the people of Bangladesh and he is an author of(১) ক্যারিয়ার পরিকল্পনা (২) প্রফেশনাল CV রাইটিং (৩) জবস প্রোফাইল আপডেটিং (৪) ইন্টারভিউ টেকনিকস (৫) বিভিন্ন পেশা পরিচিতি (৬) পড়াশোনার যাদুকরি কৌশল (৭) কর্পোরেট লাইফ (৮) সফলতার অনুশীলন

Area of Expertise

Other, Project Management, Next Stage/Career, Marketing/Sales, Human Resource, Development/NGO, Buisness, Administration,

Experience Years

7 Years


House: 57, Road: 7, Block: C, Banani, Dhaka.

Work Experience

1. Lecturer-Management (MBA Program) at Syed Ahmed University College, Bogura (1 Year)2. CEO at Career Institute since 2016 (3 Years)3. Senior Manager HR & Admin Officer at Elpic Soft Ltd-UK Based (1 Year)4. HR & Admin Officer at Grambikash Shohayak Shongstha, Dhaka (2 Years)5. Admin Officer at Euro Campus, Dhaka (1 Year)

Education Background

MBA (HRM)MBS (Management)BBS (Honours)

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