Humayun Kabir Sikder

Humayun Kabir Sikder
Humayun Kabir Sikder
Age 45
Gender Male
Organization Fiber @ Home Limited
Designation Manager, Admin Legal and Corporate Affairs

Trainer's Description


Career Summary: Now I am working at Fiber&Home Limited as Manager Admin, Legal and Corporate Affairs from February 11, 2018. I acquired experiences from Dwip Unnayan Songstha, Eminence, BRAC-Microfinance Program, BRAC HR & Learning Division and Mitra & Associates. I worked at Dwip Unnayan Songstha as HR cum Training and Admin Coordinator. I had taken an opportunity to work in a NGO named Eminence as Deputy Executive Director for taking responsibilities of different departments. Over ten years (From June 07, 2006 to August 14, 2016) I had explored experiences as Team in charge, Team Leader, Learning Manager at BRAC HR & Learning Division. I worked at BRAC Development Program (Microfinance) as Program Organizer (22/09/2001 to 29/10/2001) at BRAC-BDP Sadarpur-Faridpur, Branch Manager (30/10/2001 to 30/04/2003) at Saltha-Nagorkanda, Nagorkanda-Nagorkanda, Bhanga-Faridpur and Regional Manager (Microfinance-Dabi), District Manager (Microfinance-Progoti) at Pabna R/O, Rajshahi R/O & Thakurgaon R/O (01/05/2003 to 06/06/2006) to operate Microfinance program with an excellent performance.I had experienced on research activities (Mapping Areas, Listing Khanas, Data Entry, Data Analysis, Data Compile and Report Preparation), monitoring & evaluation (SPSS) when I had worked at Mitra & Associates for “Bangladesh Maternal Mortality and Maternal Health Care Services” survey.

Area of Expertise

Other, Project Management, Marketing/Sales, Development/NGO, Administration,

Experience Years

18 Years


161/4 (Old), New-335, Manikdi, Nurani Masjid Goli,Dhaka Cantonment, Dhaka-1206

Work Experience

Details of Professional Experiences:01. Latest Job Details:Company: Fiber@Home LimitedPosition: Manager Admin, Admin Legal and Corporate AffairsStart from: February 11, 2018 to till nowSupervisor: Md. Abdul Alim Munshi, CFO, Fiber@Home LimitedResponsibilities:  Estate Management: Policy Develop, Acquisition, Maintenance, Rent for CO, Bill Collection & Payment, Planning & Implementation, Coordination & Cooperation; Fleet Management: Policy Development, Agreement with Fuel Station for Monthly Credit, Repair & Maintenance, Refueling and Billing, Requisition & Acquisition, Scheduling, Legal (BRTA, Insurance & Cases-Penalty ) documentation and update, Staffing & Development; Facility Management: Policy Development, Staff Allocation & Duty delegation, Canteen Mgt., Pantry Mgt., Cleanliness, Drinking Water Supply, IP Phone management, Usage of Office accessories, Furniture & Fixing, Entertainment, Effort & Support work for Crisis Mgt., Training Conduction, Communication & Coordination; Environment, Security and Safety management: Policy Development, Duty Distribution of Security Staffs, Duty Distribution of Peons, Supervision of Security & Safety operations; Legal & Corporate Affairs: Policy Development, Legal Support, Incidental Investigation& Reporting, Event Arrangement, Follow-Up Documentation, Case Management, Application of Punishment/ Penalty; Front Desk Management Regional Offices Management Event Management02. Organization: Dwip Unnayan Songstha (DUS)Address: Regional Office, Maijdee, NoakhaliPosition: HR cum Training CoordinatorPeriod: 01/06/2017 to 31/01/2018, Total Duration: 08 MonthsSupervisor: Md. Rafiqul Alam, Executive Director, DUS, Cell: +8801761493401Responsibilities: Developed HR Policy & Implemented;  Done all HRM activities in the period of the Organization; Acted Project focal person (ENRICH, Ujjibito, CDSP-IV, KGF); Write Project Proposal (Technical & Financial) as assignments;  Actively involved Administration & Management functions of different program and projects; Conducted Training Needs Assessment, prepared & presented report & Planning and Module Update; Initiated Project's Staff Capacity Development (MF, ENRICH, KGF, Ujjibito); Inception Different Tools & Techniques for Monitoring & Evaluation; Developed Organization restructuring tools and assist to management committee; PMS Tools, Methods Develop and Implement, Staff Profile Update, Apply Talent Management and Succession Plan; Event Management (Meeting, Workshop, Seminar, Development Initiative etc.); Apply effective Reporting & Documentation system.03. Organization: Eminence Associates for Social DevelopmentAddress: Hena Nibash, 3/6 Asad Avenue, Asad Gate, Mohammadpur, Dhaka-1207, BangladeshPosition: Deputy Executive Director Period: 20/08/2016 to 24/03/2017, Total Duration: 00 Year 07 Months and 04 DaysResponsibilities:  Organized workshop for advertising and Prepared promotional materials Performed as an administration of 10 SHOSTI Urban Clinics  Developed Modules (12 Modules: Community Based Health Education-08 & General-04). Sized/updated Curriculum (Playgroup to Grade-VI) according to International English Medium School standard (Followed by Edexcell). Developed Strategy and policy for Spike Apple (Food Security & Nutrition) as following community business. Write up and developed Job Descriptions of 425 job roles for restructuring organization. Communication & Meeting with different business personnel (Shawapno, Sena Kallayan Sangstha, Agora, KFC & BFC) for partnership. Administration & Management work for data entry and checking it in iData fax of a research activity on “The International Polycap Study-3” (TIPS-3).04. BRAC HR & Learning DivisionWorkplace: BRAC Learning Center-Dhaka Uttara, Barisal, Faridpur, RangpurTitle: Team incharge/Team Leader/ Learning Manager/ FacilitatorPeriod: 07/06/2006 to 14/08/2016, Total Duration: 10 years 02 months and 07 daysResponsibilities:  Developed & Facilitated assigned training courses (53 Courses) in and outside (Specially PRA, CBDRR, NCDC, OHS, Report Writing) of BRAC; Arranged training & different forums-workshops-study circles for facilitator, prepared monthly training calendar, implemented HO training plan; Organized capacity building forums, Interactive Learning Program, Debate Forum, workshop, seminar; Identified training or other capacity development needs gaps of knowledge-skills-attitude of the team members and share it with Sr. Management and make grooming plan and implemented plan. Prepared Learning Development Day, Learning Development Workshop, Events, Study Circles, Performance (Self & Staffs), Monthly Achievements, Monthly Action Plan and Special required reports. Facilitated training on monitoring changes, process and system tools, data collection, analyses and report writing (8 Batches, 220 Participants); Acted as a master trainer at Bangladesh Social Service & Welfare Ministry on Bangladesh Child Sensitive Social Protection program, HILIP- Haor Infrastructure and livelihood Improvement Project of LGED; Conducted of DGHS’s Occupational Health & Safety, Road Safety, Snake bite & downing training for Doctors-Nurses & industrial workers (8 Batches, 220 Participants); Completed practicum, case management, disability identification, Basic Social Service & Professional Social Service training (10 weeks, 62 Participants-Union, Upazila and District social worker of Satkhira District) and which was funded by UNICEF; Other Responsibilities: Applied Performance Plan; Coordination & Networking; Administrative Role; Financial Management; Community Mobilization Work; Social Awareness; Team Building; Learning Operation.05. BRAC Development ProgramWorkplace: BRAC Regional Office- Pabna, Rajshahi, ThakurgaonTitle: Regional Manager (Microfinance-Dabi), District Manager (Microfinance-Progoti)Period: 31 Jul 2005 to 06 Jun 2006, Total Duration: 00 years 11 months and 05 daysResponsibilities: Micro finance operation (15-24 Teams/ Branches, Outstanding- BDT: 150 million); Planning & Implementation; Supervision; Staff Development & Evaluation; Program implementation; Performance Management System implementation; Monitoring & Evaluation; Communication with GO/ NGO Officials; Coordination with other program; VO/Program visit & Conducting Group Meeting (Daily); Savings, Loan, Installment management; Meeting conduction for setting targets, motivating staff, team building, problems identification and decision making; Branch port folio analysis; Budgeting; Talent Management & Succession Plan, Business Point Visit, Land Documents Check, Meeting with OD Loanee, Disbursement documents check etc.06. BRAC Development ProgramWorkplace: BRAC Branch Office- Nagorkanda-Nagorkanda, Bhanga-FaridpurTitle: Branch Manager (Microfinance-Dabi)Period: 31 Mar 2003 to 30 Jul 2005, Total Duration: 02 years 03 months and 29 daysResponsibilities: Micro finance operation (15 Million Outstanding, APO-98%, Outstanding-Savings Ration: 3:2) in Branch level; Planning & Implementation; Supervision; Staff Development & Evaluation; Program implementation; Performance Management System implementation; Monitoring & Evaluation; Communication with GO/ NGO Officials; Coordination with other program; VO/Program visit & Conducting Group Meeting (Daily); Savings, Loan, Installment management; Meeting conduction for setting targets, motivating staff, team building, problems identification and decision making; Branch port folio analysis; Budgeting; Talent Management & Succession Plan, Community Mobilization & Social Awareness, Team building etc.07. BRAC Development ProgramWorkplace: BRAC Branch Office- Sadarpur-FaridpurTitle: Program Organizer (Microfinance-Dabi)Period: 22 Sep 2001 to 30 Mar 2003, Total Duration: 01 year 06 months and 08 daysResponsibilities: Planning & Implementation to VO (15 VO, 578 Members, 325 Brower’s) discipline and collection of installment & savings; New Area Survey ; Monitoring & Evaluation (VO & PA); Communication with community people and GO/ NGO Officials; Coordination with other program; VO formation & orientation (New Members & PA); Disbursement management; Meeting conduction for OD collection, motivating default VO members, team building, problems identification and decision making; Assigned VO port folio analysis; Budgeting; Innovation for increasing outstanding & savings etc.08. Mitra and Associates (a consultancy & research firm)Workplace: Section-10, Mirpur, Dhaka-1216Title: Supervisor (Data Management, Mapping & Listing) Period: 05/03/2000 to 30/08/2001, Total Duration: 01 years 05 months and 25 daysResponsibilities: Taken responsibilities for the research of Bangladesh Maternal Mortality and Maternal Health Care Services and at that time I had performed- 01. Supervision (10 Interviewers), Mapping the selective area ,Listing Khanas, Coding and Compile Data’s,Data analysis and Report Prepare and Analysis.

Education Background

Degree / Certificate Concentration Grade/Division Passing Year InstitutionM.S.S. Political Science 2nd Class (Third), Marks: 58.498 Govt. B M College under Dhaka UniversityBachelor (Honors) Political Science 2nd Class (Eleventh), Marks: 53.495 Govt. B M College under Dhaka UniversityHSC Science 2nd Division, Marks: 5289 Govt. Gouranadi CollegeSSC Science 1st Division, Marks:6487Dhamura High School

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