About us

About Us

Bangladesh Professional Skills Training Institute (BPSTI) is a Digital platform for all kinds of skills training, workshop, trainers, education, etc. 

It was initiative of Dialme Limited under CSR Program, not for profit which has been functioning since 2019 to develop Professional human resource in different fields of education and training.

BPSTI is one-stop source platform for all kinds of professional skills training and experienced professional trainer in your home. BPSTI is a digital platform that aims to provide hassle-free & comprehensive skills training in Bangladesh. BPSTI want to change the traditional concept of Digital, Technical, Professional, Skills, Development, and Training in Bangladesh.

BPSTI Believes that takes a Hand opens a Mind and touches a Heart.

Today, BPSTI is not super famous institute but it does will be a great professional skills training institute in Bangladesh.

BPSTI wants to ensure knowledge, professional skills, attitude and meaningful human resource for Bangladesh through Competency-Based Training & Assessment (CBTA) and focused on RPL, TVET, IT, etc by using a digital platform.

BPSTI wants to contribute to SDG’s and the society of the people, by the people and for the people. 

BPSTI aims to make communication between trainees and trainers through using a digital platform.

BPSTI also aims to ensure that no people will say “I know but I can’t perform’’ and rather they will say,

“I know and I can perform”.

BPSTI Believes that takes a Hand opens a Mind and touches a Heart. 

Today, BPSTI is not a super famous institute but it does will be a great professional skills training institute in Bangladesh.


Our mission is simple! Aims to grow, Drive and Empower People, Commitment to delivering quality training & assist every professional in achieving their carrier goals, adopting modern training methodology which emphasize trainees’ active participation and making them part of the training process.


Helping individuals to identify and achieve their development, growth and career goals.

Maintaining a customer-focused organization with a strong partnering culture

Hiring certified, experienced and bilingual trainers and consultants and measuring them against strict criteria of competencies and behaviors, as well as validating their intellectual capacity.

To do what we say we are going to do it.


QUALITY: Our ultimate goals quality first. We are committed to serving quality training.

We are a team that is passionate and enthusiastic towards lifelong learning and delivery

We are a team that is true to our word and operate with absolute integrity

We are a team that drive to achieve and advance together

We are a team that believes in everything we do and everything we work for unequivocally

We are a team that is committed to producing extraordinary results for our stakeholders

We are a team that strives towards excellence for all our stakeholders

We treat individuals with respect by celebrating, valuing and caring for people and the environment.


BPSTI wants to make professional skills Trainers HUB for making digital Bangladesh and as well as TRAINERS HUB / DATABASE for Professional and Skilled Trainers by using our digital platform where they can register their resumes. As per requirements from trainers HUB, potential service-receivers can easily find out them and contact with the trainers for conducting or undergoing need-based training courses as part of the staff and self-development.

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Considering the vertical and horizontal skills-mismatch in both formal and informal job market, BPSTI is committed to assist the skilled, semi-skilled and experienced professional workers managing their career progression efficiently, solve problems associated with traditional recruiting system and thereby saving valuable time and money by using our one-stop sourcing DIGITAL PLATFORM. BPSTI will administer Digital Data Store for interested workers aimed at providing hassle-free job placement supports.

BPSTI wants to provide digitized information & bridge through the classified listing of WORKERS and EMPLOYERS using a common platform. This platform will be providing a skilled labor force to meeting the needs of the growing industries, workshops and complementing SDGs of the country.  

Training Program:

Life skills training
Technical & Vocational skills 
Employment support service
Market linkage support for self-employment
Social mobilization to increase social acceptability of trade skills
Training resource development
Networking & Partnership development
Start your own business
Sales Communication & Sales Force Management Strategy


Professional CV & cover letter writing
Integrated supply chain management
e-GP practical problem solutions
Income TAX return submission procedure.
Banking LC, Export-import & custom procedure.
VAT Act 2012 & custom procedure.

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Md. Hamidur Rahman
Md. Hamidur Rahman

Hello Guys! Thanks for visiting me and Give some times for introducing myself.

Firstly I want to tell something about myself that is I'm not super famous but want to be. I have a loving family with my mother, brothers, sisters, wife, three amazing children, and awesome friends; they are my small world. I wanted to support my family from the business of online platform, digital marketing, outsourcing business and I love to help for making digital Bangladesh.

Yes! I’m proud Bangladeshi by born at Kaptai, Rangamati Hill Tracts but originally from Noakhali, both districts are the southern part of Bangladesh.

Ones a day, it was 2014 my best friend Md. Jamal Uddin Chowdhury (Investor from Bangladesh in Google) told me that about the blog, blogging, Domain, Hosting, Platform, Theme, SEO, Link building, Forum posting etc and inspired me. He also informed one day workshop about Digital Marketing. From that day I'm learning from the internet about a lot of things especially online marketing and nowadays I’m still learning and learning. After learning a lot of things about blogging then decided to start a blog to share my thought, idea, and experience with all about Digital Marketing then registered a business Dialme Limited  

Off course! As a social worker and digital marketer, want to build-up a professional Ecosystem to making digital Bangladesh! You can register HERE! You can write here and take benefit from it.

I would like to point out myself; I have 23 years working experience in different organization. I am serving as a Senior Manager (Admin) of Continental Group, Chittagong and served as a Procurement Officer with UCEP Bangladesh. 

In addition I completed my graduation in social science and serving as a Founder & CEO of  Dialme Limited

My best quote is “To doubt everything and thinks to do”.

Md. Omar Faruk
Md. Omar Faruk

Mr. Md. Omar Faruk has a wide range of about 12 years of professional experience in the development sector out of which about ten years working in leadership, management and implementation positions within Bangladesh Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) sector. He has experienced of managing and implementing with different skills development programs, ICT aided skills development program, Competency Based Training and Assessment system in skills development program, Modular or Customize competency based skills development curriculum, industry-led skills development program, duel apprenticeship training program, job placement program in different industries, design soft skills/life skills training module, design career counselling module, partnerships development program with private sector, Entrepreneurship development training program, etc.

He is a certified trainer and assessor on the Competency Based Training and Assessment (CBT&A) system under Bangladesh Technical Education Board (BTEB). Also, he is a certified trainer of ILO global entrepreneurship development training model namely Start and Improve your Business (SIYB). He has experienced to design different entrepreneurship development training program and deliver the training to the youth.  

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Kazi Abdul Kader

Kazi Abdul Kader